The same for less: a children's cabin

The same for less: a children's cabin

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As the holidays are fast approaching, you're looking for a great idea to keep your little blond heads occupied all summer long. What if the simplest solution was to install a wooden hut in the garden? Suspended in trees, mounted on stilts or placed directly on the ground, there are many models. Today, spotlight on a favorite cabin that adds a little note of fun by offering a slide to get off. So that your children don't get bored of summer, the important thing is that they have their own space for fun. The children's playhouse turns out to be the perfect idea! Especially when the latter has a slide which makes the descent much more fun. After visiting ToysRus, the editor fell in love with a pretty model in natural wood that will have no trouble blending into the garden. Only problem: its price approaching 1500 euros which will not suit all budgets. So we went in search of a model that looked like him and it was at Leroy Merlin that we discovered our happiness. A pretty light wooden cabin, also equipped with a slide, but offered at only 500 euros. This is something to satisfy your little blond heads and also your wallet!

La Maison Max at ToysRus at € 1,499.99 / The wooden house in the trees SOULET at Leroy Merlin at € 499