Big Green Egg, the ceramic barbecue inspired by Kamado

Big Green Egg, the ceramic barbecue inspired by Kamado

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Big Green Egg is an ingenious cooking appliance. It offers three functions: oven, smoker and barbecue. Welcome to this newcomer, largely inspired by the kamado, a cooking container used in China and Japan.

An inimitable look

This large green egg of ovoid shape will surprise more than one. Thanks to it, you can cook, sear, roast, smoke and grill all meats, pizzas, fish, vegetables and bread. This technological innovation concentrates more functionality than all the other traditional cookers combined. But the Big Green Egg is mainly inspired by the kamado, a traditional cooking container used in China and Japan for more than a millennium. Today, it has been designed to offer great cooking versatility on the basis of a closed lid. In addition, it knows how to communicate its strengths: it is made from reliable materials, it is economical in charcoal and it ensures wide safety of use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's snowing or selling, this open-air restaurant is open! This is why the great chefs adopted it.

A reputation that precedes it

This utensil, very widespread in the United States is above all a high-performance barbecue, which cooks food to the heart without burning it thanks to an exclusive system of uniform distribution of heat. In terms of its structure, the egg is made of thick and resistant ceramic, which is covered with a layer of enamel. This allows it to withstand temperatures above 1100 ° C. Indispensable when you want to cook meats.

Optimal use

Lighting the Big Green Egg is child's play. Just open it and pour charcoal to light it. The built-in thermometer tells you the temperature inside the egg; ideal for delicate cooking. Once hot, the Big Green Egg does not burn on its outer walls. The inside of the egg is self-cleaning thanks to pyrolysis. For outdoors, a simple sponge is enough. For barbecue lovers, you are already thinking of buying it. Well count 700 euros! Available accessories: chassis, handles, worktops, tongs, pokers, meat picks, brush, thermometer, dishes, supports for poultry, various grids, fire starters and of course a protective cover. More info on //