How to clean your washing machine?

How to clean your washing machine?

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Now that my closet is tidied up, I go for the washing machine! Wash a washing machine? A clean washing machine cleans better. Not to mention the bad smells and rot that can form - the fault of humidity and lime! Today, you will need to arm yourself with a bottle of white vinegar, an old toothbrush, a cloth and a little patience. My washing machine is a top washing machine but the procedure is the same for a porthole washing machine.

Clean the outside of the washing machine

I start from the outside of the machine. Better to avoid corrosive products - especially on the control panel. So a simple microfiber cloth moistened with clear water will be perfect! I gently clean, removing the accumulated dust.

Clean the detergent drawer and the door seal

I remove the detergent drawer from its location. I take out my old used toothbrush, dip it in white vinegar and rub in every nook and cranny to remove all the laundry residue. I rinse well with lukewarm water. Still with my toothbrush, I clean the vacant space in the washing machine then I replace my detergent drawer. As for the door seal, it was all dirty with dust. No secret: toothbrush, white vinegar and elbow grease.

Clean the machine drum

We do not change a winning team, I bring out my liter of white vinegar! And there, the step is easy like everything: I empty my liter of white vinegar in the machine tray and I launch a detergent at 90 ° vacuum in short cycle. And hop ! Nothing to do. After the operation, I avoid washing my favorite little dresses - I'm a little scared of the smell - I prefer to wash sheets or towels.

Clean the washing machine filter

So, beware of sensitive souls, do not look at the photo of my filter before washing! It's horrible. Where is the filter? Mine is at the bottom left of the machine. There is no more water in my machine, I still put a mop under the small hatch and I unscrew the filter.
The filter which is therefore very dirty. So dirty that I decide to soak it in a mixture of white vinegar and hot water. After 30 minutes of soaking, I rinse with clear water. My filter lives again. I put it back in place - be sure to screw the mechanism correctly! - and my washing machine is as clean as a new penny.
To accomplish all of this, it took me just over 20 minutes. But I have the impression that my washing machine comes back to life!

What you must remember

Leave the washing machine door open as much as possible. It is the best way to avoid the appearance of bad odors but also that the joint cracks. The importance of being consistent. Once every 6 months, launch a washing machine at 90 ° with 1 liter of white vinegar. You will have nothing to do and your machine will be descaled! Prefer a liquid detergent to a powder detergent. The first will leave much less deposit in the detergent drawer. And tomorrow ? I attack the bathtub and the shower curtain!