Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I put away the fridge and I wash the kitchen furniture

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I put away the fridge and I wash the kitchen furniture

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Last day dedicated to the maintenance of the kitchen. The room is really starting to look good even if a lot of work is still to be done. I know in advance that the 15 minutes will not be enough for the remaining tasks and that they will have to be put back to the next few days. To recap: the interior of the cupboards has been sorted and cleaned, the small appliances are clean, the walls and the splashback have been washed, the hob, the oven and the hood are free of all grease. The overall look of the kitchen is much better but the last few minutes for this room will not be enough to get it right. It could have demotivated us but we cling and we say that by dint of experience we will further improve the system! Today we are tackling the cleaning of the fridge, the facades of the kitchen furniture and the trash. A great challenge!

Put away the fridge

For this part, I cannot advise you too strongly to consult the 16 tips for cleaning and storing your fridge that I wrote a while ago. Since the reorganization of my refrigerator, I have not changed the method and the whole family has adopted it. This is proof that it works! Cleaning in the refrigerator has been greatly facilitated thanks to the baskets and there is no longer any question of leaving a product lying around with its packaging. Cleaning the inside of the fridge was pretty quick, but I still had to review the outside. To start, I tackled the "Family Diary" section located on the side of the refrigerator. This is where we pin all the information necessary for the proper organization of family life: school trip, birthday, professional trip but also a calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Since this year I also hang a calendar that I print for each month on which we note all the family's meetings. Even if it was not too bazaar, I was still able to get rid of some sheets like the menu from last week or the calendar of school holidays. For the handles and the front, I brought out the black soap that had convinced me so much on the hood and the hob yesterday.

Cleaning the fronts of kitchen furniture

And while we're at it, black soap also works well on the handles and fronts of my fitted kitchen. As you can see, I made the (wrong?) Choice of black fronts and stainless steel handles, which means that nobody can use the cupboards without leaving their fingerprints! More seriously, I had been warned against this color for maintenance but I find that it is very exaggerated. Obviously on white facades, the traces are much less visible but it is not the horror that I had been predicted. Do not let yourself be influenced in the choice of the color of your kitchen compared to the maintenance of the facades, it is a false problem. Especially when you have black soap (my new friend) on hand!

More beautiful the trash

If there is one object that suffers the worst outrages in the kitchen, it is the trash. No matter how conscientiously I clean it every week, it gets dirty at breakneck speed. To add disinfecting power to the cleaning without adding bleach, I decided to make a homemade product. In a spray bottle, I added a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda with a few drops of lemon essential oil. Be careful, the bicarbonate and white vinegar mixture causes a reaction. You just have to wait a few minutes before pouring the product into its bottle. We then obtain a very interesting formula, both disinfectant and cleaning. The essential oil helps keep a pleasant smell instead of the sometimes persistent scent of the trash. For the inside of the bin, head for the shower! I pass a blow of very hot water then I let dry upside down on the balcony.

Lessons to be learned

It is necessary to clean up in its entirety. When I started cleaning my closet doors, I was cleaning each door before I realized the time wasted. It is better to pass once its product on all the doors and make large movements rather than to operate door by door. We must congratulate ourselves . If we take a look at the cleaning of the kitchen, there are still things to improve, areas left fallow like the top of the kitchen furniture, the top of the refrigerator, the worktop, the floor , the chandelier and the sink. The idea is still to focus on the work that has already been done rather than getting depressed. In this case, I am particularly proud to have put my cupboards in order, to have degreased the hood filters and the splashback. Overall, we still worked well!
Tomorrow we change rooms but also journalists since it is Marie's turn to embark on the challenge of 15 minutes of cleaning per day. Since this week I caught the cleaning virus, I will continue on my side to follow the experience and I will find you later to make a spell in the living room and the children's rooms.
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