The editorial cleaning challenge

The editorial cleaning challenge

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The countdown can begin - your children probably started it a few weeks ago - school holidays are coming up in just under 4 weeks! Exactly the time you need to tidy up and clean your home before you go out in the sun - or somewhere else! If it is only cleaning, we will not lie, it is not really our favorite occupation. By the way, before you even start this big challenge, take the test: Are you a household addict? So, at the editorial office of, we are launching a big challenge: cleaning up our house by spending no more than 15 minutes a day! Yes, you are not dreaming, less time than for a manicure. Our extreme journalists took out their most beautiful rubber gloves and mostly rolled up their sleeves to take up the big challenge. For this, they have set up a schedule: each day its task and the house will be tidy and washed by July 4! We are going to put away her dressing room, scour all the nooks and crannies from the bedroom to the bathroom, through the kitchen and the children's bedroom… Ready to take up the challenge at home? T10578 Find our journalists and their daily challenge on Instagram, don't hesitate to share your household exploits on Instagram too, using the hashtag #GrandMenage!


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