Animal hair: how to remove it from your carpets and clothes?

Animal hair: how to remove it from your carpets and clothes?

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You have had enough of all these animal hairs lying on the ground or which have become encrusted on your carpets and clothes… So are we! And to get rid of it, we found 4 easy-to-do grandma tips. Demonstration.

Tip # 1: use a damp sponge for fabrics

To remove dog or cat hair from your fabric armchairs, use a damp, clean sponge, preferably not yet used! Rub gently in small circles and all the hairs are easily removed.

Tip 2: use a rubber glove

To collect the hairs of your animals scattered here and there, use a rubber glove. Thread it then pass it to the places where these are grouped. The latex causes static electricity thus allowing the hairs to stick to the glove.

Tip 3: rub a balloon on your shirts

Same technique as with the rubber glove, you can try the experiment with an inflated balloon. Rub it on your shirt so that the friction creates static electricity which will inevitably attract all the hair on the ball. Inexpensive and easy, all you have to do is implement this trick.

Tip n ° 4: collect the hairs with a softening cloth

If you have some fabric softener in your home, use it to remove pet hair from your fabric or clothing. You just have to put it on a shirt for example, and the hairs will stick to it. Little tip: you can also use used wipes that work as well as new ones.