How to arrange your balcony or garden to better sell your house?

How to arrange your balcony or garden to better sell your house?

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When selling real estate, exteriors can make a difference. Also, it is essential to treat them in order to give an excellent first impression to people who come to visit your accommodation. In any season, whether the garden or the balcony, you must arrange these spaces. How? 'Or' What ? To find out, we got in touch with Carole Rochais, real estate agent at Immodream in the Angers region.

A clean and simple garden

Are you selling your house? Spend some time in your garden. Mow the lawn regularly, trim your hedges and make your borders. If you have a driveway, be sure to weed it well. It is the same for the terrace. Pay particular attention to the entrance to the house. The first impression must be positive for visitors. Get rid of your green waste and make sure your garden and the various green areas of the house are clean.

Decongesting, the key to success

The garden, the courtyard or the balcony are like the different rooms in the house. To quickly sell your property, you must also declutter these spaces. To make a neat place is to show the size and potential of a garden, a balcony or a courtyard. Future buyers must plan ahead and above all understand that these privileged spaces are a real added value to the property. Remember to limit the number of flowers, remove the vegetable patch, place a sober garden furniture on the terrace, etc. Avoid overly marked colors, tablecloths and cushions that personalize and overload outdoor spaces.

Preserved privacy

On your balcony as in your garden, it is wise to make some arrangements to preserve your privacy and that of future buyers. Opt for the bamboo screen. It is natural, effective and inexpensive. If you are in an apartment, the shade sails are as effective as they are trendy solution to take advantage of its outdoor space while protecting yourself from the view of your neighbors. Finally, to take full advantage of the outdoor spaces, think of the lighting. Today, there are all kinds of lighting for exteriors. They bring a subtle touch of decoration which will not fail to seduce future buyers.

Carole Rochais pro tips:

Declutter and keep it simple! The lawn must be mowed, the hedges trimmed and the edges maintained. And above all, remember to dispose of the waste. A well maintained garden gives a good image of house maintenance and reassures buyers.