How to install your dining room in the veranda?

How to install your dining room in the veranda?

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Many families are not fortunate enough to be able to install a dining area at home. Difficult therefore to have a place to meet or simply receive for a dinner. Thanks to a simple veranda, all the spaces of the house can be reinvented. Need some advice to transform this extra room into a dining room? Follow the guide !

As an extension of the show

Like a real double living room, imagine your dining room completely integrated into the living room thanks to a large opening between the house and the veranda. So that the two spaces give the impression of an extension between the two rooms, here are a few tips: apply the same floor covering, paint the walls in the same color and above all keep the same style for all the furniture.

With a bar area

For the veranda to become a real space for entertaining, nothing could be simpler: arrange in this room a large dining room as well as a small bar area. The latter will allow your guests to have an aperitif without having to go through the lounge box. Small advice if you fall for this arrangement: think of installing comfortable armchairs on the bar side in order to recreate a small lounge atmosphere.

A room reserved for the dining room

Finally, if your veranda is barely open to the interior of the house, this will allow you to create an independent dining area. Large table, designer chairs, row… adopt the style that suits you and apply it to the four corners of this room open to the outside.