Choosing bed linen for babies

Choosing bed linen for babies

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An infant sleeps on average between 17 and 18 hours a day for the first few weeks, so he spends most of his time in bed. Ensuring him an environment favorable to his sleep is essential for his development and that is why it is important to choose a suitable bed linen for him. Here are some tips for welcoming baby with peace of mind.

Baby essentials

The perfect baby bed consists of a mattress protector to avoid all accidents such as regurgitation, a fitted sheet, a bumper to protect his head and a sleeping bag that will serve as a blanket. Blankets, pillows and sheets are totally not recommended for newborns until they have the strength and the ability to get out of it on their own. Until his two years, we will use a sleeping bag or sleeping bag that keeps baby warm. After this age, you can then change it for a sheet or a duvet.

The decor touch

The choice is so vast in bed linen for babies that you will inevitably find a bed linen which will allure you. You can choose a coordinated set that will use the same motif for the bumper, the sheet and the sleeping bag, or combine your linen with your bedroom decor. Plan two sets so that you can change his bed without problems and if your child has sensitive skin, choose organic bed linen. Again, the offer is such that you will easily find an organic cotton set in the theme chosen for his room.

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